How to Create a Team That No One Wants to Leave

Many people are leaving their jobs, creating a trend called “quitagion.” Employers think it’s about pay or work-life balance, but employees leaving say it’s because they don’t feel valued or that they belong. Some successful businesses during the pandemic increased employee satisfaction by 48 percent, following five guidelines.

1. Put People First:

  • When people only focus on themselves, it harms the team. Successful teams show that working together is better than working alone.
  • Trust and care for each other to create a positive team environment. Shared empathy, like celebrating birthdays, is crucial.

2. Rally Around Shared Goals:

  • Winning together creates a bond. Teams should set ambitious goals to serve customers and beat their best results.
  • Challenges bring teams together if they share the goal of achieving victory.

3. Model Humility and Curiosity:

  • Humility means accepting limitations, allowing others to contribute without judgment. This fosters a place for bold ideas.
  • Curiosity comes from the realization that there’s always something new to learn. Leaders should ask questions and encourage questioning processes.

4. Celebrate Wins:

  • Celebrating team wins reinforces the focus on working together. Publicly praise team members to boost morale and satisfaction.
  • Use tools like Microsoft Teams’ “praise” button to highlight team members.

5. Connect the Dots:

  • Teams perform better when they know their work makes an impact and is meaningful. Leaders should connect tasks to the larger purpose.
  • Being a great storyteller helps teams understand the reasons behind their work.

Remember, what’s most important to people is connection. Teams that consciously build strong ties not only survive challenges but thrive. Building these teams makes them attractive, and no one wants to leave.

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