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And mail at 1020 N. University Parks Drive, Waco, TX 76706

Hamilton Lindley was born in Tyler, Texas, and lived for a few years in Southern California. Then he moved to Dallas during high school, where he attended Highland Park High School. He first moved to Waco for Baylor. He didn’t know what to think of it at first. Waco lacked the glitter and gold of Dallas. But he learned to appreciate the beauty of it. He met people who were from different walks of life and were genuine. After law school, Hamilton moved to Dallas. He joined the jet-set trial lawyers there, where he learned a lot about persuasion. He also saw how these people who had massive amounts were money were stressed out about keeping that money. It was too much and never enough. It wears on your soul. So after ten years in Dallas, Hamilton Lindley moved his family of five to the home of the Baylor Bears. Hamilton P Lindley realized his daughter’s brainwashing was complete after she believed that the Baylor Bear mascots hibernate only after “eating all them Longhorns.” If you have the desire to see too many photos of Hamilton Lindley’s family, you can find Hamilton Philip Lindley on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram