Best Books for New Leaders

Leaders are made through experience and education. But you don’t need to learn only in a classroom. Some of the most influential business leaders today read personal development books. They claim that it has been their secret weapon to success. Books on leadership allow people to learn about the world they’re about to navigate. So this list includes some of the best books on leadership to help you develop into someone others want to follow. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This book was released over 80 years ago, but it is still one of the most popular and high selling books on leadership out there. Now, why is it so popular? Does it provide you with the secrets to business or the formula for perfect accounting? No, this book gives people the foundation of business, which is a leader’s people skills. In this book, Dale Carnegie goes in-depth about navigating moments within the meeting room and the café around the corner. All this is done to provide you with a better foundation and ultimately as a leader. If you want to understand what makes other people tick, how to motivate them, and win them over to your way of thinking, there is no better book.

The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Challenges and certain obstacles in business are a reality; there’s no escaping them. However, understanding how to navigate them is the key to being an effective leader. In this book, Ryan Holiday writes about the importance of understanding your obstacle and using it to your advantage. Just because you’re down does not mean you’re out. Read the room, the situation, or mistake and begin to process it to turn it into an opportunity.

The One Thing by Gary W. Keller

As your new role as a leader, you’re going to want to excel in everything you do. This, however, is often the most common reason why new leaders fail. Wanting to be hands-on with everything and micromanage can negatively affect your staff and your company. In this book, you will learn how to manage your day. Too many things can stifle creativity and productivity. That is why it is essential to stop and think about the one thing I can do right now to make everything easier.

First, Break All the Rules 

Gallup interviewed more than 80,000 managers and presented its conclusions in “First, Break All the Rules.” Perfect for supervisors, this book describes what separates great managers from the rest. This book shows that despite having diverse leadership styles and experiences, these successful supervisors share one thing in common: they don’t hesitate to break the rules held sacred by conventional wisdom. 

The Servant 

This book is a short classic written in the form of a parable. As you might have gathered, it centers on servant leadership. It reinforces the idea that you will lead by listening and noticing. You begin with a choice. Servant leaders must lead with love. So loving actions must be at the center of their leadership philosophy. Leaders should provide an environment that encourages people to flourish. 


Leaders must continuously learn and evolve to shepherd their companies. Keep yourself—and your team—at peak performance requires continuous improvement. Leadership is a story without an end. 

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